From the recording d.y.k.J?


Nobody loves me like my JESUS
Nobody loves me like the LORD

In the darkest times of my life
When nobody seems to care
I can lift my head up
And know the Lord will be right there
Faith in man is dangerous
Excuses he will find
Nobody loves me like Jesus
He's there for me each and every time

All of us have someone
Who loves us with all their heart
Family and friends and those who say they'll be there forever but..
Nobody can love you the way my Jesus can. I'll never leave nor forsake you
That can't be said by any man

B- nobody like the Lord...nobody!
T-nobody loves me like Him...nobody!
A-nobody loves me like the Lord!
S-nobody loves me..nobody loves
like the Lord!
Nobody loves me..nobody loves me
Nobody loves me like the Lord!!